This course is available to all secondary schools in Breckland. The initial core module will be delivered via zoom with follow up module "helping at a school" being delivered on school site.

All candidates will also be placed in a local tennis clubs and be expected to attend the club and volunteer for 2 hrs in assisting a coach deliver a session.

Upon completion of the course you will recieve an LTA certificate and T-Shirt and become a recognised leader at your local tennis club.

What is a Tennis Leader?

A Tennis Leader is someone that is able to support the coach and/or committee with the day to day running of the tennis venue and tennis programme.

Tennis Leaders is an exciting programme which can help young people develop their employability and life skills, and for those that want it, their first step on the ladder to a career in sport.

Becoming a Tennis Leader

The Tennis Leaders course is available to anyone aged 13-16yrs, plus anyone 16yrs+ in full time education, or an adult wishing to get involved.

Tennis Leaders is made up of one 3 hour core module, with four additional 2 hour modules:

 Core Module - Introduction to tennis (3hrs): Learn the basics of tennis and understand how variations of the game are used to introduce all ages and abilities to the sport. Learn communication and organisational skills and some key on court drills.

 Additional Module - Volunteering at your tennis venue (2hrs) - you will learn about what makes a successful place to play, understand the different ways of promoting facilities and programmes and learn about the roles of a management team.

 Additional Module - Leading a practice session (2hrs) - understand the structure of a hitting session, learn about the different types of feeding and the responsibilities of a practice hitter.

 Additional Module - Helping at your school (2hrs) - learn how to organise tennis activity for large groups including informal competition.

 Additional Module - Helping at a competition (2hrs) - learn how to score for a Mini Tennis match, how to organise a round-robin match and how you can support your competition organiser or referee.

A young person can call themselves a Tennis Leader once they have completed the Core Module and a minimum of one additional module.



Stuart Silvester

Stuart Silvester

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