SCHOOL GAMES - High 5 Netball (Small Schools Close Window

Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event


This event is for schools with fewer than 120 pupils on roll.


Squads shall consist of up to 8 boys/girls from Years 4/5/6 (max 3 boys in squad). Five players will be on court at any one time (max of 2 boys on court at any time). Please note - An all-girl team is allowed.


Teams are required to provide their own coloured sets of high 5 netball bibs. In case of a clash of colours, the tournament organiser will provide an alternative colour set of bibs Size 4 balls will be provided for all matches. Teams should bring their own ball to warm up with. Standard netball court markings will be used Posts/rings will be set to a height of 9 feet

Event format

All matches will be played in accordance to England Netball High 5 Rules Matches will be umpired by qualified/experience adult netball umpires and supported by student leaders. Matches will consist of 2 halves (6 minutes each way) with a 2 min break at half time. Team managers must complete and submit a team rotation sheet at the start of the event. Players must rotate 1 place after every half of play. Once a full set of rotations is completed players should start again at the beginning of the sequence. 

Depending on number of entries, it is likely that we will play a round robin with the top 2 teams qualifying for county finals.

Please let me know if you would like to enter a B team. I will then let you konw nearer the time if there is a space for them.